Songwriter and former pop star Glenn Medeiros Writes Timely and Inspirational Tune for NASA's 50th anniversary of landing on the moon. Press Release From: Rosen Music Group Glenn Medeiros, well known for his smooth rendition of "Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You" and the #1 MTV hit recorded with Bobby Brown, "She Ain't Worth It" has written a tribute song to the astronauts of the past and an inspiration to future flights and space exploration. Medeiros will be releasing the song, "Here and Now" to fulfill his quest to honor the fallen astronauts from the Apollo missions, Challenger and the Columbia Shuttles and to let our future space explorers know that the spirit of Hawaii follows with them. Medeiros, who also is the President of Saint Louis School, Honolulu Hawaii, says, "the lyrics are personal because the people of NASA need to know that their hard work and dedication does more than just advance space exploration - it provides children (even as far away as Hawaii) with the hope to reach their dreams no matter the obstacles." "Here and Now" exemplifies the courage and dedication shown by the people of NASA and models the characteristics all teachers want to instill in their students. Keiki means children and Aloha means love and Mahalo means thank you, all words in the song. For additional information contact and free copy of the song: CONTACT INFORMATION: Michael Rosen Rosen Music Group Phone: 832.752.6544 e-mail



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Here and Now Lyrics Words and music by Glenn Medeiros

Verse 1 

Maybe you were never told how much it really means To see you reaching for that star when all was lost it seemed And if it's true, then hear this message from Hawaii nei Though it seems we're light years away  


Here and Now Mahalo for the help us to achieve The keiki of Hawaii stand and sing...united here as one Proud of all you've teaching us to fly Unafraid to touch the sky  

Verse 2 

Like the navigators of our past who sailed the open sea The courage and the strength you show inspires us to be Determined to move on when in times of dark despair To lift our sails and know that we'll reach there  


And when you're looking through the clouds upon this paradise Remember that aloha will be in our hearts and minds As you spread your wings and fly