Well-respected and widely experienced music industry expert with a 20+ year track record of success building momentum and relationships for artists and venues. Recognized as a strong and extraordinarily creative music industry insider with a sharp eye for opportunity, a forward-thinking style of artist management, and a proven ability to select and promote world-class talent toward substantial international music careers. Strong authority on artist marketing and public relations, with a career’s worth of success interacting with record labels, media and producers.

Worked with and supported music industry leaders including: 

Brian Rawling | KC Porter | Ruben Gomez Cane |Glenn Medeiros | Angelo Garcia| Jellybean Benitez | Emilio Estefan | 

Backstreet Boys (USA)| Irene Carra | Jonny Wright | Donna Wright | Dianne Warren

Engaged and partnered with record labels including:

Sony Music | Warner Brothers | East West Records | BMG Records | Arista Records | Edel Records


·  A&R / Talent Management

·  Contract Negotiation

·  Label & Producer Relations

·  Persistence & Determination

·  Verbal & Written Communication

·  Creative Vision

·  Strong Artist & Support Network

·  Careful Talent Selection

·  Marketing Strategy

·  Balancing Multiple Priorities

·  Confidentiality & Discretion

·  Scheduling & Organization



Rosen Music Group   2006 – Present

DASH Entertainment   1996 – 2002

Responsibilities, Contributions & Accomplishments:

· Exercised a strong sense of judgment to selectively prospect and manage artists with potential for success. Established world-class relationships with industry-leading artists by virtue of connections with BMG Munich, BMG US/Latin Miami, Arista Records, and other leading labels.

·  Leveraged a strong network of sound engineering and creative talent toward record labels, to ensure the creation of the best possible material for contracted artists.

·  Maintained persistence and determination in advocating for the continuous activity of artists signed with labels, applying tactful pressure to create continued momentum for artists.

· Drew upon personal connections and relationships earned throughout 20+ years in the industry to meet world-leading industry executives in artist development.

· Developed the best possible vision for managed artists’ careers, ensuring mutually lucrative success through a progressive and multi-pronged strategy including:

Ø Creative and comprehensive input on the artist’s style and genre;

Ø  Definition of a practical yet distinct artistic vision;

Ø  Collaborative review and assessment of potential markets and the music industry as a whole;

Ø  Establishment and analysis of a project plan;

Ø  Selection of optimal material aligned to the artist/group and the target market.

·  Provided programs and services for small independent to large/major companies including complete A&R services, full production support, recommendation of production staffing, songwriting talent and publishing companies, as well as counsel on national and international markets and licensing venues/opportunities.


Development of Solo Career for artist Ruben Gomez

·  Secured this former member of Latin group Menudo to develop his solo artist career, securing him from a previously inactive management agreement to launch his career to greater heights. 

·  Connected with a vast network of connections and attended Billboard conferences, persistently presenting a self-compiled artist package to secure his eventual signing with Arista Records. 

·  Upon closure of Arista’s Austin offices, ensured he would be retained as a member of the label through direct conversation with BMG Miami stakeholders. Connected this artist with prominent producer Brian Rawling, creating English singlesand a selection of international recordings, eventually transitioning the artist to BMG Munich for swift signing of a lucrative record deal. 

·  Interacted with renowned songwriter Diane Warrento secure a selection of songs, driving a cross-over in genres from Latin to rock.

·  Spearheaded and coordinated a European tour,which encouraged BMG Munich to establish contact with BMG US/Latin in Miami, with both labels essentially fighting over this in-demand artist.

Securing Label Signing for artist Angelo Garcia

· Successfully identified and prospected this artist as a strong candidate for an international label. Drew upon a strong artistic vision and years of experience to help the artist shape his identify, define his sound, and build demo material.

· After comprehensive involvement in creating the foundational material and momentum necessary, successfully earned the artist a record deal with Warner Brothers Germany.

Driving Momentum for songwriter Glenn Medeiros

· Created impressive traction for this creative songwriter, identifying opportunities for licensing and publishing of his creations on an international basis.

· Successfully brokered multiple licensing deals, with several songs added to Sony BMG’s catalog.