Ray Acevedo

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  Ray Acevedo Biography  Ray Acevedo born December 21, 1971, is a Puerto Rican pop music singer.  In 1985, Ray joined the internationally famous Puerto Rican boy band Menudo towards the end of the band's "golden era.” During his days in Menudo, Ray became one of the most powerful voices to have been a part of this famous band, singing such hits as "En San Juan me Enamore ," “Panuelo Blanco Americano," and "It's You and Me All The Way," which became a massive international hit.   Along with his fellow Menudo members, Ray also starred in the Argentina soap opera, "Por Siempre Amigos," which provided with him a background in acting in front of the camera as well. The show was aired in 1987 and ran for 100 episodes. It was a mix of drama, romance and humor. Having become a teen idol in Puerto Rico and the rest of Latin America, and a favorite among Menudo fans, Acevedo's departure from the group was followed closely by Puerto Rican media. He left on August 2, 1988, a few months short of his seventeenth birthday. He announced on a local television show that he planned to move to the United States.   He has since harnessed invaluable international experience to develop an impressive professional portfolio, ranging from off-Broadway productions in New York City where he developed the insatiable thirst for acting, theatre-life and appearing on the big screen, to sophisticated songwriting and beyond with cross-culture appeal. He also polished his skills as a musician and co-produced his first solo CD.   

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   In 1999, co-writers Ray and Aurelio Laing III met - the two combined their collective talents and began writing lyrics and music for themselves ultimately creating Afterworld Records. During the winter of 2000, a San Antonio recording studio became the breeding ground for their first album, "Amor Oculto" ("Hidden Love"), which was released in 2001. That was Acevedo's first CD as a solo artist and he also made as his own website the same year.   Collaborating with fellow bandmates, Enrique Palacios and Nathan Slimane, on yet another successful project - an English alternative release, "Age of Anxiety" in 2004, unleashed a powerful realization that this undeniably talented 30-something quartet had quickly become among music's "best-kept secrets."   He later toured in Brazil with other former members of Menudo on a Reunion tour. They called themselves Menudo La Reunion.   Just as he is talented in music, Ray is a skilled and accomplished Visual Artist as well. A second passion, with an eye for intriguing captivating charcoal drawings and oil paintings, his art stems from a deep seeded intuition and was further enriched by attending a visual art school in New York. Through years of patience and perseverance, Ray’s strength, determination and personal growth have become the springboard of his illustrious career.