Michael Rosen Biography

  Michael Rosen started his career at a Sony Records music management affiliate. He spent many years honing his extraordinary artistic, marketing, public relations, management, and A&R expertise on numerous successful projects with many well known artists and music industry executives. His teams managed the careers of numerous recording artists. Through his management and promotional strengths, the groups sold millions of albums respectively and he received many commendations and several notable awards. After serving successfully with the Sony affiliate, he founded his own full service international music management company, Dash Entertainment, where he successfully served as CEO and President. He handled all aspects of this management company from marketing and promotions, to managing television and radio promotions. He negotiated major contracts in all areas of the music industry on a national and international basis including many A&R deals including Glenn Medeiros and Ruben Gomez. His many projects included facilitating the translations of Medeiros” songs into Spanish in conjunction with Emilio Estefan ‘s publishing company where they were used on Telemundo Novela (a daily soap opera). He also worked with Brian Rawling in London along with BMG Germany ultimately launching international music careers. He was known not only for his unique ability to handle numerous top level projects simultaneously, but bring them through to completion in the most dedicated and unique fashion. His vast international music industry experience includes working with companies such as Sony Music, Warner Brothers, East West Records BMG Records, Arista Records, Edel Records, Jellybean Benitez, KC Porter. He has successfully teamed with The William Morris Agencies, Houston Productions (Whitney Houston’s company), VIVA, MTV, and Bravo to name a few. He has worked with recording stars such as, Lance Bass, Ruben Gomez, Irene Carra and Santana to name a very few and counts among his business friends Johnny Wright and Donna Wright as well numerous national and international video production teams and produced videos at Universal Studios Orlando, Mallorca Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, England, Philippines, and Switzerland. He is considered one of the industry’s top young premier music experts as well as an unusually bright and creative executive. His ability to open doors and bring new business to the table is duly recognized and is an asset to any company, artist, or project.