Gary Cooper


Gary Cooper 

Date of birth: 08.11.1959, in Slough, Berks

Single, British.


§ 37 years of music business & entertainment experience national & international

§ European market knowledge & international music & showbuisness industry contacts

i.e. Personal contacts to producers, management, lawyers, record companies, publishers, song writers and managers around the world (London, Nashville, New York, L. A., Stockholm, Toronto etc) 

§ Corporate and independent record company

§ A&R

§ Management & publishing experience

§ Chain store distribution

§ Entrepreneurial & Leadership skills

§ Creative skills


Since 2011 Gary Cooper Consultancy ǀ Munich

Artist Management, music publishing, artist coordination, brand consultancy, artist booking, concept & project creation and sales

§ Entrepreneurial thinking outside the box

§ Creative & special marketing

§ international exploitation & liaison

2003 – 2011 Traaxx Music Management & BCC GmbH ǀ Munich 


§ Management of song writers and producers

§ Development and maintenance of contacts to managers, record companies worldwide to obtain contracts for my clients

§ Achievement of various successes in major territories world wide

2004 BCC - Brand, Celebrity, Consultancy ǀ Munich


§ Using synergy effects of close contacts to management of International music & entertainment celebrities to obtain, and advise them on their involvement within advertising campaigns 

§ Advising brands on how to use music & entertainment as a communication tool, effectively and efficiently.

§ Representation of Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake, Shaggy, Eminem, Pavarotti amongst others for a wide range of Brands and companies such as Virgin Mobile Phones (UK), Langnese, Unilever, EA games , VW, Audi, Blackberry, T-Mobile

§ Rapid growth from 2 partners to 18 employees

§ Creation of concepts such as Bryan Adams as photographer, for an eyewear campaign using himself as the Testimonial and co-ordinating and budgeting all aspects of the shoot and negotiations with the Brand

Result: BCC GmbH became one of the strongest consultants in the area of Branded Entertainment in Europe. Advising major brands and working with the elite of the entertainment business.

2000 – 2003 BMG ǀ Munich 

Head of A+R

§ The objective was to re-build the national creative department 

§ People, creative, organisational, contact, diplomatic and political skills were developed and established for this challenge

§ Result: re-establishment of the national department as a credible and creatively successful company recognised nationally and internationally 

§ Chart successes were achieved also nationally and internationally with Nsync amongst others

1997 - 2000  BMG ǀ Munich 

Consultant, International catalogue exploitation

§ Acquisition of BMG affiliates around the world to release and market repertoire owned by BMG Germany, Austria & Switzerland

§ Creation of a brand new international network within the existing worldwide BMG infrastructure to release, market and sell dance orientated artists

§ Responsible for creating yearly Dance events in Tokyo, Amsterdam, Berlin & Barcelona 

§ Result: worldwide success of "Snap-Greatest Hits" and also for launching the international success of Justin Timberlakes break through act "NSync" amongst many others

§ Result: increase of revenue by over 500 % within 1 year 

1995 - 1999  Self-employed Consultant ǀ Düsseldorf/Munich

Clients: Sony Music, Virgin, BMG

§ Development of music compilations and music concepts for

various major record companies 

§ Acquisition of rights for a major record project

§ Result and milestone: “Art Garfunkel – Across America Live” 

was a personal milestone project for the legendary singer of “Simon & Garfunkel”.  It was top 20 in every major chart in Europe and he appeared in every major TV show in Europe

1987 - 1994   Streetheat Records ǀ Kaarst, Düsseldorf

employee (-1989), co-owner (1989-1993) 

§ Business development: creating new areas of operations & new business 

§ Result: increased turnover and profit of …% within … years

§ Result: development towards a partner and co-owner

§ By using my artist, contract, producer, record label skills we built the company for international success with artists like “Kool & The Gang” 

§ Successes in Japan, France, Spain as well as national success

1986 - 1987  Disco Box (Record wholesaler) ǀ Neuss, Düsseldorf 

Head of Export

§ Business development

§ Establishment of a new department specialised in exporting records worldwide to a new customer base

§ Develop, install a team, build a new customer base, buying, stock control, invoicing, payment control, export regulations, customs, transport conditions and regulations

§ Establishing our position within the world market place, maintaining our customer base, visiting customers and also the development of special products only available from us. 

§ Result: one of the top 5 players worldwide 

1983 - 1986  Record shop (owner) ǀ Kevelaer, NRW

§ Enhancement of entrepreneurial skills, economic, marketing, sales & customer relations skills. 

§ Development from a small local focal point to a record shop with a catchment area of over 50 Km with regular and loyal customer base. 

1975 - 1982  EMI-Recording Studios ǀ London

§ Main responsible for the installation, repair and maintenance of whole studio equipment

§ Assistance in recording sessions

§ Diplomatic and creative behaviour with musicians, artists, producers as well as known personalities. 


§ A+R for Nsync / LFO / Innosence (all international major chart successes)

§ “Natural” (mainstream pop), all singles top 10 in GSA & Album # 2 in Germany, international charts in UK, Asia, Japan, Europe, Scandinavia

§ “Die Happy” (cross over rock) Album # 15 in Germany & all singles

§ “Gil” (pop), all singles & albums charted in Germany & Asia

Self-financed successes:

§ „Art Garfunkel - Across America Live“ in # 17 UK, #24 German, # 20 Holland, #23 Belgium, #18 Austrian & Top 15 across Scandinavian Album charts

§ Flim Flam“(dance pop), Single, # 4 German National charts / European charts

§ „XL“,Single + Album (hip hop / jazz), Album chart, EMI Japan

Self-made & developed concepts:

§ Mo' Vibes Music festival

§ „Rave Mania“, Compilation Sony Music. German National Charts

§ „Mega Rave“, Compilation, German National Charts

§ „Baywatch“ Compilation based on TV series. Sony Music

Personal Skills:  

PC MS Office & MAC 

Languages English – mother tongue

German – business-fluent written and spoken

Personality  Knowledgeable, efficient, responsible, productive, reliable, resourceful

Berlin, March, 2016